The CLLI envisions a more equitable world in which all California leaders have the resources and tools needed to empower themselves and others to achieve positive change.

Founded in 2014, The Mission of the California Latino Leadership Institute (CLLI) is to preserve the Latino contributions to California’s rich diverse history and bring together the public, private and nonprofit resources providing for the development of dynamic 21st century leaders.  learn more…




UCLA/CLLI CA History Project 

Huntington Park Youth Employment & Civic Engagement Program 

2016 Tri-County CA Women’s Empowerment Summit 

California-Mexico Shared Friendship & Prosperity 

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Latino Green

Jorge Madrid
A Latino Perspective on Environmental Policy

Get Wise Latinas

Gina Linn Espinoza
Sharing Wisdom, Insights and moving forward.

As part of our Women’s Empowerment Summit Program, CLLI is pleased to partner with the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University.

We invite you to explore Clayman’s Voice & Influence program, that offers online curriculum with faculty from leading universities. Voice & Influence aims to empower women and men to be as effective as possible and to create organizations where all people can thrive.

Watch the Voice & Influence videos individually or with a group, using the Clayman Institute for Gender Research discussion guides to share experiences and discuss what "One Action" you can apply in your environment to thrive.

Creating A Level Playing Field

Effect of gender stereo types on women’s careers with Stanford Professor Shelley Correll.

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Power & Influence

Learn the body language of power to increase your influence. Playing High - Playing Low with Stanford Business Professor, Deborah Gruenfeld.

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